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Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures gratefully acknowledges support from the following foundations, corporations, organizations, and individuals.

Photo of the audience in the lobby before a Ten Evenings lecture

Ten Evenings is presented in association with

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Public Support

Allegheny Regional Asset District
National Endowment for the Arts

Pennsylvania Council On The Arts


EQT Foundation
Grable Foundation
The Heinz Endowments
J.B. Finley Charitable Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee

Jewish Healthcare Foundation
Laurel Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation


Carlow University
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
FHLBank Pittsburgh
NexTier Bank

University Lecture Series at Carnegie Mellon University
University of Pittsburgh Press

Board of Directors

Christopher A. Amar, President
Kevin Lavelle, Vice President
Stephanie Taylor, Treasurer
Pam Connelly, Secretary
Lena G. Andrews
Karina Chavez
Emilie Hammerstein
Alicia Barbara Harvey-Smith, Ph.D.
Susan Morris

Sydney Rochelle Normil, Esq.
Pallavi Golla Patil
Nicole Shapiro
Gail Pesyna
Kornelia Tancheva
Stephanie Taylor
Robert M. Turner II, MD
Ron Vassel
Stephanie Flom, ex-officio


Dr. Gail Pesyna and Dr. John Hooper
Jim and Susan Morris

Tom and Jo Ann Succop
Ron A. Vassel

Literary Circle

Russ and Kathy Ayres
Anne and Paul Bridges
Bill and Melissa Hallett

Alice B. Mitinger
Laura Heberton-Shlomchik and Mark Shlomchik
Sheila A. Washington


Lena Andrews and Scott Bricker
Pamela Connelly
Jayne Adair and Basil Cox
Christopher Amar and Cheryl David
Stephanie Flom
Laurie Graham
Peggy and Jack Hill
Eileen and Nicholas Lane
Alan Helgerman and Sandra LaPietra
Ron and Lida Larsen
Drs. Joan Harvey and Michael Lotze
Mancini’s Bakery Inc.
Susan McIntosh

Shawn Nelson
Judy Horgan and Steve Pavsner
Richard E. Rauh
Barbara Rudiak, Ph.D.
Mindy Sanjana
Nicole and Steve Shapiro
Lee and Myrna Silverman
Jeffrey and Sandra Solomon
Kornelia Tancheva
Joshua and Stephanie Taylor
Janie and Harry Thompson
Drs. Robert and Lindsay Turner


Anonymous (2)
Robin J. Bernstein
Dr. Bruce Block & Dr. Marian Block
Linda B. Burke
Karina Chavez
Sylvia Keller and Bill DeWalt
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Frizzell
Carla E. Frost

Caryle Glosser
John and Nita Kellum
Pam Liden
Sybil and Kevin McKeegan
Barbara Carpenter and Michael Miller
Alice Bright and Robert Sullivan
Debra and John Thompson
Judy Vaglia


Anonymous (7)
Judith Vollmer and Ann Begler
Sherry Bloom
Janet T. Bonk
John F. Cambest, Esq.
Debra Caplan
Ms. Amanda Cole
Estelle Comay
Verna Corey, Sc.D.
Patricia K. Crumrine, MD
Joyce Culyba
Frances and Roger Dice
Jon and Aileen Drosendahl
Ms. Linda Argote and Mr. Dennis Epple
Kimberly Francis
Peggy Gold
Mrs. Shirley H. Golden
Pam Golden
Paula and Howard Harris
Jean Herrity
Bruce Herschlag and Mary Korytkowski
Bonnie and Bob Isacke
Susan O’Block Kellen

Amy Kellman
Ellie and Shelly Levine
Claire W. Marcus
Nancy Nahi
Sydney Rochelle Normil, Esq.
Connie Phillips
Ms. Delilah Picart
Kimberly Ressler
Ms. Leila J. Richards
Pam Rollings
Lisa Scales
Patricia S. Schroder
Peter and Susan Smerd
Charlie and Marlene Smithers
Carrie and Tim Stanny
Sandra Block and John Suhrie
Robin Turner
Richard Chesnik and Stephanie Valetich
Holly VanDine
Arlene Carbone-Wiley & Clayton Wiley
Darlene S. Wood
Mr. Clifford Chen and Ms. Robin Ziegler


Anonymous (16)
Kathleen and Gregory Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Anselmo
Louanne Baily
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Baime
John and Mary Becker
Eva Tansky Blum
Laurie and Frank Bruns
Pamela Burnette
Carol Byers
Pat Calabrese
Susan S. Cercone
Elisabeth Crago
Mr. and Mrs. Reco Davis
Suzanne L. DeWalt
Ms. Dallas DiLeo
Judith A. Diorio
Kristen and Michael Dougherty
Nancy Gale and Dave Duggins
Steve Emery
Ms. Teresa M. Findlay
Marilyn H. Fitzsimmons
Dr. Lee Fogarty
Pamela Gardner
Alice V. Gelormino
Susan Gorham
Victoria A. Guscoff
Emilie Hammerstein
The Hartkopfs and Bontempos
Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith
Patty Hefner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herward
Kim Patterson and Dena Hofkosh
Joyce Wilbur and Ed John
Ellen Kessler
Holly Maurer-Klein and Paul Klein
Dr. Laurie E. Knepper
Jill Leahy
Dana and Jason Lee
Kathy Lipsitz
Ms. Kathy Lundgren

Sue Martin
Sylvia Slavkin and Edward Massarsky
Stephanie Maximous
Bob and Helen McAfoos
Ms. Constance McCarthy
Sharon McCarthy
Melissa McDonough
Heather McNaught
Sheila Nathanson
Mary A. Navarro
Torey Naylor
GayLynn Neal
Diane Osgood
Pallavi Patil
Michele Pazul
Bernard and Nancy Picchi
Ms. Catherine Raphael
Daniel and Lauren Resnick
Ms. Jamilla Rice
Ms. Deborah J. Robinson
Tim and Judy Robison
Arlene Sablowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Schneider
Dee Seiffer
Roberta Konefal-Shaer
Ms. Denise Smalley
Mary Snyder
Ms. Michele Stanchina
Cathy and Caitlin Stechschulte
Joyce Stuber
Ms. Valerie Swigart
Brandon Taper
Susan Tanzer
Beverly Loy Taylor
Chris Traviss
Ms. Mary Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Veoni
Deborah Walker
Lu-in Wang
Susie Wean
Amy Woodall


Anonymous (12)
Ms. Danelle Ardell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Barron
Joyce Berman
Jennifer Beuse
Libby and Dan Boyarski
Yvonne Campos
Anthony Coulter
Nancy J. Crouthamel
Leonna Hudacsek Fisher
Don Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Friedman
Denise Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hamer
Marlene Haus
Adrienne Irwin
Louise Gage Jencik
Dr. Gail Kubrin
Donna Kusuda
Ms. Joyce Leifer
Judith and James Longo
Stephanie Lonsinger
Mr. Patrick McShea
Gael D. Meehan

Fritz Mitnick
Ms. Barbara Murock
Marilyn and Dick Myers
Deborah L. Nichols
Emily and Tomar Pierson-Brown
Jo Riley
Heather Risher
Julie and Harold Rodakowski
Florence Rouzier
Dr. Leonard and Carole Rubenstein
Dr. and Mrs. Martin I. Seltman
Joshua Smith
Janet Squires
Fran Sylvers
Erica Tamburo
Sadie Treese
Karen Van Dusen
Anoo and Viju Verghis
Saundra Waseleski
Betsy H. Watkins
Annie and Larry Weidman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Witman

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