Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures gratefully acknowledges support for this year’s Ten Evenings from the following agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Board of Directors

Christina Stuber, President
Christopher A. Amar, Vice President
Dr. Frederick Sherman, Treasurer
Matthew Lancaster, Secretary
Ann Davis
Tim Devlin
Emilie Hammerstein

Kevin Lavelle
Susan B. McIntosh
Susan Morris
Anuradha Reddy
Sheila Washington
Stephanie Flom, ex-officio

Made possible by

The Drue Heinz Trust

In association with

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Literary circle

Kristina and Peter Gerszten
Bill and Melissa Hallett
Alice B. Mitinger
Jim and Susan Morris

Anu and Raj Reddy
Tom and Jo Ann Succop
Ron A. Vassel


Mark Kamlet and Charlee Brodsky
Bonnie Cousin
Jayne Adair and Basil Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Diederich
Stephanie Flom
Eileen and Nicholas Lane
Kevin and Erin Lavelle

Marilyn Meltzer
Barbara Rudiak, Ph.D.
Mindy Sanjana
Marla Sink Druzgal and Kurt Druzgal
Kathy Kahn Stept
Christy Stuber
Cynthia Swartz
Janie and Harry Thompson


Michelle and Andrew Aloe
Betsy and Bill Amis
Anonymous (3)
Ivan and Sybil Baumwell
Fred Bennitt
Alma Burgess
Barbara Carpenter and Michael Miller
Jeffrey J. Carpenter
Nancy and Jim Chaplin
Cynthia and Bill Cooley
Leah an Tom Cooper
Christopher Amar and Cheryl David
Ann and Marty Davis
Tamara Dudukovich
Nora and Don Fischer
Kimberly A. Francis

Ruth Garfunkel
Laurie Graham
Bill and Mary Hartner
Steve Pavsner and Judy Horgan
Rev. Bill Hower
Wallis Katz
John and Nita Kellum
Drs. Michael Lotze and Joan Harvey
Susan B. McIntosh
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mellon
Karen Oberg
Ann Gibbons Scherlis and Bill Scherlis
Nicole and Steve Shapiro
Katy and Fred Sherman
Lee and Myrna Silverman
Jeffrey and Sandra Solomon


Arleen Adelson
Anonymous (15)
Robin S. Barack
Roxana Barad, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Barber
Tingle and Richard Barnes
Jack and Amy Beiler
Robin J. Bernstein
Jacob and Stephanie Birnberg
Sandra Block and John Suhrie
Janet T. Bonk
Mary and Russell Brignano
The Reverend J. Gary Brown
Christina Bucciero
Timothy and Linda Burke
John F. Cambest, Esq.
Catherine Caplan
Franny Caplan
Peggy L. Carpenter
Susan S. Cercone
Geri Chichilla
David and Diane Denis
Mimi and Mark Derthick
Tim and Bridgetta Devlin
Jon and Aileen Drosendahl
Sarah D. Eldridge
Trudy File
Janis Fink
Lynda Flom
Lisa Selvaggio Forgas
Lawrence A. Frolik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gissin
Peggy Gold
Pam Golden
Barbara Granito
Robin Gussey
Jared Roach and Emilie Hammerstein
Phyllis Harris
Laura Heberton-Shlomchik
Tom and Linda Herward
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Hill
Cindy and Tom Hinds
Lori and Alan Hornell
Robert and Bonnie Isacke
Jewish Healthcare Foundation
Jui Joshi
Fran Steger and Barry Judd
Susan O’Block Kellen
Ms. Sylvia Keller and Dr. Bill DeWalt
Amy Kellman
Ann D. Kelton
Ellen P. Kessler
Caitlin Koerber
Elaine and Carl Krasik
Ron and Sharon Ladick
Matthew Lancaster

Alan Helgerman and Sandra LaPietra
Lida and Ron Larsen
Ellen and Larry Lebow
Susan and Louis Leff
Lewis and Kate Laffey Lobdell
Angela Love
Dona and David Luedde
Janet Markel
R. William Martin
Moddy and Dave McKeown
Katherine McLean
Barbara Thrope Miller
Elaine Morris
Torey Naylor
Roz Neiman
Mark and Nikki Nordenberg
Carrington North
Johanna and David O’Loughlin
Donna and Lewis Patterson
Suzanne and Richard Paul
Dr. Gail Pesyna and Dr. John Hooper
Leigh A. Poltrock and David Clouse
Richard E. Rauh
Neil Resnick and Susan Greenspan
Annie S. Rivers
Lisa Scales
The Schabdach Family
Harriet Schach
Patricia S. Schroder
Debi and Dave Sciranka
Saleem Ahmed and Iman Shahab
Marty Silverman
Marlene and Charlie Smithers
Terri Sokoloff
Rochelle Solomon
Robert and Sheila Sterr
Carolyn Stewart
Ann Strong
Joyce Stuber
Bob Sullivan and Alice Bright
Steven Abo and Holly Swartz
John and Debra Thompson
Jill and Craig Thomson
Charles Porter and Hilary Tyson
Judy Vaglia
Anoo and Viju Verghis
Sheila A. Washington
Dr. and Mrs. Sigrid and Cyril H. Wecht
Stacey Wettstein
Carole and Harvey Wolsh
Linda Wozman
Ellie and Joe Wymard
Susan A. Yohe
Steven Zelicoff
Florence Zeve
H.J. Zoffer


Tamara Abell
Libby Andrews
Anonymous (28)
Linda T. Assard
Martha Banwell
Jean Barker
Shirley Benedict
Sherry Bloom
Eva Tansky Blum
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Brendel
Laurie and Frank Bruns
John and Gail Buchanan
Pat Calabrese
Yvonne Campos
Debra Caplan
Colleen Carr
Bonnie Casper
Richard Chesnik
Christine Cohen
Andrea Cole
Jane Compagnone
Dr. Verna Corey
Nancy Crouthamel
Patricia K. Crumrine, MD
Mary T. Deluca
Joan Devine
Suzanne L. DeWalt
Holly Dick
Barbara Dickson
Dallas DiLeo
Deborah Dodds
Donna Hoffman and Richard Dum
Amy Elder
Marti Farkasovsky
Susan L. Farrell
Mary Faust
B. Jean Ferketish
Marian Finegold
Marilyn H. Fitzsimmons
Julie Forsythe
Franklin Family Foundation
Harriet Franklin
Rhoda Mills Sommer and Donald Friedman
The Frizzell Family
Katherine Fulton
Alice V. Gelormino
Caryle Glosser
Gina Godfrey
Dorothy W. Gold, Ph.D.
Nanci Goldberg
Sara Gorby
Barbara Grance
Gail Gratton
Mimi Greenfield
The Hartkopfs and Bontempos
Nancy Heastings
Rebecca Hebert
Tina and Richard Herman
Mary Korytkowski and Bruce Herschlag
Kim Patterson and Dena Hofkosh
Lisa Honkala
Laura S. Horner
Pamela Murray and Chris Horwitz
Derek and Nanette Hought
Steve Emery and Maureen Hurley
Mary Crossley and Tom Juring
James Kincaid and Nita Moots Kincaid
Craig and Mary Kirsch
Barbara Klein
Holly Maurer-Klein and Paul Klein
Dr. Laurie E. Knepper
Judy Kuechenmeister
Laurene LaVoie
Jill Leahy
Sharon Leszczynski
Pam Liden
Kathy Lipsitz
Maryanne Loebig
Kathryn Logan
James and Judith Longo
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Macpherson

Gail Mallory
Joanna M. Mayo
Bob and Helen McAfoos
Connie McCarthy
Kate McCorkle
Melissa McDonough
Maria and Peter Menniti
Nancy and Thad Merriman
Barbara Miller
Jane Miller
Fritz Mitnick
Abby L. Morrison
Paul Moses
Richard D. Mowrey
Cynthia J. Mullins
Nancy Nahi
Sheila Nathanson
Mary Navarro
Shawn Kintner Nelson
Katie Nowak
Marlene Ochman
Phyllis Ochs
Marci O’Donnell
Dolly Paul
Kathryn Pepper
Connie Phillips
Steve and Barbara Piskor
Lynne Porterfield
Karleen Preator
Virginia Pribanic
Catherine Ravella
Robert and Mary Kay Rightnour
Jo Ann Riley
Eileen Roberts
Jean and Brooks Robinson
Julie and Harold Rodakowski
Dodie Roskies
Cindy Ross-Katz
Arlene Sablowsky
Scott Grosh and Anita Sadler
Melissa Saul and Ronnie Parker
Leland and Janice Faller Schermer
Mary C. Schroeder
Joliane K. Schroeder
Denise Seiffer
Morton and Rita Seltman
Becky Senior
Cindy Shaffer
Ann Shaw
Lynne Siegel
Mary Simons
Ann Sinsheimer
Janet Slifkin
Anne Smalstig
Cathy Stechschulte
Bill Stein
Nathaniel Stephens
Susan Tanzer
Brandon Taper
Elaine Tierney
Claire Tintori
Jeff Tischler
Deborah Tranter
Christine L. Traviss
Patricia Ulbrich
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Uptegraff
Holly VanDine
June Waldman
Deborah Walker
George and Margaret Walker
Lu-in Wang
Saundra Waseleski
Mary Chester Wasko
Rhonda Wasserman
Betsy H. Watkins
Gail Wedner
Judith W. Weinberg
Matthew Wensel and Lawrence Martin
Clayton and Arlene Wiley
Darlene S. Wood
Amy Woodall
Margot B. Woodwell


Anonymous (10)
Kerry Bron
Karen and Bob Brown
Abby Resnick and Roger Day
Kevin and Sharon Deacon
Kevin Stemmler and Larry Dennis
Frances and Roger Dice
Kristen and Michael Dougherty
Mary Gallagher
Paula and Howie Harris
S. Marlene Haus
Margie Hoffman
Adrienne Irwin
James and Ann Larson
Ellie and Shelly Levine
Eleanor Mayfield
Mary and Tom Mulroy

Marianne Novy
Jane Partanen
Thom and Carla Shettel Pfahler
Jan Ripper
Julia Schandelmeier
Karen and George Schnakenberg
Barbara Spier
Tom and Judy Thompson
Julianna and Millard Underwood
Susan and John Van Cleve
Cate Vockley
Annie and Larry Weidman
Dr. and Mrs. S. Rand Werrin
Susanne Wilkinson
Beth Williams
Wilda J. Wilson
John and Margaret Zimmerman

Last Updated August 2017
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