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In Wordwings, set in 1941, twelve-year-old Rivke Rosenfeld lives in the Warsaw Ghetto where she witnesses German soldiers slashing her grandfather’s beard from his face. Her anger compels her to secretly write her stories and her memories in the margins of a book of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. When Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum, historian and founder of the Underground Archive–a written compilation of Jewish life experiences in the Ghetto–hears Rivke tell one of her stories, he is so impressed that he asks her to contribute her diary to this Archive and Rivke agrees, imagining her words rising up from the ground on wings.

Sydelle Pearl has published books in the diverse genres of folktales, historical fiction, and biography. She is a former children’s librarian who is a professional storyteller. Sydelle currently lives in Pittsburgh.


Book Signing

A book signing will follow the lecture. The author’s current book will be available for sale from Classic Lines.

Wordwings by Sydelle Pearl


Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 6 p.m.


Free, with registration
Registration may also be completed via phone (412.622.8866).


South Wing Reading Room
Carnegie Library Main (Oakland), 2nd Floor
4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15213


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