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Literature is perhaps the most accessible of art forms. Anyone can borrow a book from the library and most can afford an occasional purchase. It is, however, the most solitary of art forms. And whether we read at home alone or on a crowded bus, we form a singular relationship with the words on the page, the characters, the stories.

Yet when solitary readers come together for Literary Evenings, we are transformed into a community. And our experience of literature is heightened by this community. Our nods and grimaces, our laughter and tears, our hmmmm’s and aha’s when hearing authors speaks are mirrored by others throughout the hall (although not always at the same moments). There is a buzz, a recognition, a sharing that is reinforced through the asking and answering of questions, and continues when the lights come up and we can verbalize our thoughts to those around us. The excited banter extends into the foyer, into the book line, and often among strangers into the elevator and to our parked cars.

And whether we agree or disagree, are annoyed, challenged, validated, or inspired by the … Continue reading

After Hours @ the Library

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main (Oakland)
After Hours @ the Library
Friday, March 20 from 7-10 pm

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Follow the Yellow Book Road to the Library for an after-hours event inspired by the magic of the Great and Powerful Oz! Enjoy live music, light bites, delicious drinks, and a night full of wonderful entertainment, including:

  • Beer, wine, kombucha, and creative cocktails perfect for the first night of Spring
  • The chance to interact with your favorite Wizard of Oz characters
  • Live performances by local bands, including a few Toto covers courtesy of My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure
  • A photo booth to capture your night in Oz
  • Silent auction for library furniture and other great items
  • Face painting, crafts, interactive games and more!

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Consider a Gift to Support Literature in Pittsburgh

donate online buttonWhat range of emotion or intellectual insight have you experienced at a Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures event?

Were you awed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s wisdom and humility? Inspired by George Saunders sharing of his creative process? Did you laugh out loud with others at Ann Patchett’s quick wit and dry ironies? Were you horrified by the inhumanities described by Helene Cooper and by Amy Tan? Angered by Michael Moss’ expose of the food industry? Intrigued by Colum McCann’s audacious optimism?

What an amazing experience it is for world-renown best-selling authors, across a variety of genres, to come to Pittsburgh, to our beautiful Carnegie Music Hall and speak to us intimately about their personal journeys, their passions, their fears, and their hopes.

And what a wonderful opportunity it is for young children, our future citizens, to also be inspired by encounters with their favorite authors where we hear them giggle, gasp, or release an “oh wow!” Or watch them grimace or nod in thoughtful contemplation.

We, at Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures, are proud to present important authors of our time and create community experiences that make us better, more engaged … Continue reading