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Douglas Brinkley, Author of Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America

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Monday, November 21, 2016
Carnegie Music Hall, 7:30 pm
4400 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Presidential biographer and environmental historian Douglas Brinkley has chronicled the conservation victories of Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Wilderness Warrior portrays Theodore Roosevelt as a conservationist visionary—aware of the pitfalls of hyper-industrialization and fearful that speed-logging, overgrazing, reckless hunting, population growth, and pollution would leave the planet in biological peril. In Rightful Heritage, Brinkley turns his attention to the other indefatigable environmental leader—Teddy’s distant cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, chronicling his essential legacy as the founder of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and premier protector of America’s public lands.

17_BrinkleyBookRightful Heritage, which Publishers Weekly heralded as sure to satisfy history buffs and environmentalists, is an epic chronicle that is both an irresistible portrait of FDR’s unrivaled passion and drive, and a history of the tension between business and nature that has defined the environmental movement to this day. A consummate political strategist, FDR brilliantly positioned his conservation goals as economic policy to combat the severe unemployment of the Great Depression. During its nine-year existence, the CCC put nearly three million young men to work on conservation projects—including building trails in the national parks, pollution control, land restoration to combat the Dust Bowl, and planting over two billion trees. He successfully employed an economic argument when he established hundreds of federal migratory bird refuges and spearheaded the modern endangered species movement.

Dr. Douglas Brinkley has been hailed as “America’s new past master,” and called “the best of the new generation of American historians.” He is the author of a number of award-winning and best-selling books, including Cronkite, The Great Deluge, and Tour of Duty. Four of his biographies have been selected as New York Times Notable Books of the Year. Douglas Brinkley is a professor of history at Rice University, the CNN Presidential Historian, and a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and Audubon.

Squirrel Hill’s local independent bookstore Classic Lines Books & More will be selling copies of Brinkley’s books before and after the lecture.

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